Celia McBride is a multi-disciplinary artist and Pacific Jubilee-trained spiritual director from Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada.

She is currently working on a spiritual memoir called Oh My God: A Journey of Unbelief and sharing her film Last Stop for Miles with audiences.

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Being Enough: A 5-Day Retreat in Naramata, BC. Monday, August 14 to Friday, August 18. $325 + tax + accommodation. There is a Facebook Event Page and you can register on the Naramata site or contact Celia to ask her about it.

Being Enough: A 1-Day Retreat at the Avalon Women’s Centre in West Vancouver, BC. Saturday, August 26th from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Contact Celia for more information.

The beautiful and super-talented Janelle Hardy interviewed Celia for her podcast Wild Elixir on the subjects of creativity, body-image and her favourite myth. You can listen here.

Watch a good-morning share Celia recorded for YouTube about Inadequacy and Being Enough.

One-on-One Spiritual Accompaniment: Do you have a desire to be listened to? To be accompanied on your spiritual journey? Spiritual Direction takes many forms. Celia accompanies people face-to-face and via Skype or phone. Simply contact her if you’d like to talk more about this soul-healing practice.