GITA: God in the Army is a multi-media meditation on war and peace, the duty of service and the Nature of GOD.

In this play by Celia McBride, a woman soldier who has experienced war trauma begins a counseling relationship with a Canadian Forces Chaplain in order to discern whether she ought to continue to serve or abandon her duty to the army. The Padre with whom she is working is a hologram. Or is he?

The play began as a ten-minute performance meditation on war and God, which Celia presented at Nakai’s Homegrown Festival in 2010.

After developing the piece and performing a workshop production of GITA: God in the Army at the Yukon Arts Centre in April 2011, Celia completed a residency at the Banff Playwrights Colony in Banff, AB, May 1-20, 2011, where she wrote 2 new drafts of the play.

See Multi-Media artist Marten Berkman’s photos from the Whitehorse presentation here.

Celia then performed in a workshop production of GITA: God in the Army at the Uno Fest May 27-28, 2011 in Victoria, BC.

If you saw the show, Celia welcomes your feedback:  Click here to leave comments