Dearest Readers,

I quit the blog a while back to work on a new play I’m writing called GITA: God in the Army and I’m pleased to announce that I have finished the first draft. I’ve applied for a grant to workshop the piece in the spring and I’ll be performing a reading of it at a festival in May so momentum is most definitely gathering. Stay tuned.

Yesterday I began to work on a new painting to give to a friend on her upcoming birthday and it’s been on my mind a lot since I put the brushes down. I often work from photographs I’ve taken and this one in particular is a close-up on a dark cloud with a luminous gold lining. I thought painting it would be a breeze.

Not. Lemme tellya something: Clouds are not easy to paint!

Because the cloud turned out to be more of an impression I’m thinking of adding some writing to the painting. Distract the viewer from the fact that the puffy puffs are a bit of a dog’s breakfast. I’m going to add, “every cloud has a” and then let the eye wander over to the edges of light.

Those four little words have been running through my brain for the last 24 hours and so naturally I’ve found myself meditating on the entire proverb as well. “Every cloud has a silver lining.” Does it really?

It does if we choose to see it. That’s the challenge we face as humans. Are we willing to see the good? Are we willing to find meaning in difficult circumstances? Are we willing to look beyond the darkness to where there are edges of light?

It’s a choice. We don’t have to do anything. We can choose to see only hopelessness and futility if we like. And many of us do. Choosing the Light is diligent work. Maybe not for all of us. I’m always amazed when I meet people for whom joy is innate. But for me the conscious effort to see the positive and to find meaning in the day is just that. Conscious. Effort.

It takes a certain amount of energy, commitment and determination to do this each day and you know what? I’m up for it. Because I’ve seen the proof written in the sky.

Inspiring Message of the Day: I will make the effort to see the good in the bad, the beautiful in the ugly, the light in the dark. I will make meaning out of whatever I am given because there is always light behind the clouds.