Dearest Readers,

Sometimes it’s a pleasure to experience the Healing Path in action, to see how much we’ve changed and witness the devoted work we’ve been doing on ourselves paying off. I got that chance yesterday.

On an escalator going up (how’s that for a metaphor) a man began to speak to me. His clothes were dirty and, like a snail, he seemed to be carrying all he owned in the world along with him.

Probably because I gave him a great, big, fearless smile he was soon flirting with me and jokingly saying he was coming with me wherever I happened to be going. He was acting as if he’d just fallen in love.

Not long ago I would have taken my great big smile back and closed my heart, shutting the door on his advances to protect myself from something “bad” happening. I would have turned cold and made that man re-think his behaviour. I would have allowed shame to rule the situation.

Not anymore.

What I have learned is that no one can take away my power unless I willingly give it to them. That man could have made me feel small and vulnerable had I let him. Repeat: had I let him.

How about I don’t let him? How about I stay open and laugh right along with him? How about I hold my power and stand firm in it? How about continuing to smile that fearless smile?

Now I’m not suggesting leaving ourselves open to harm. Those of you who read the blog I posted last week about purposefully avoiding a potentially abusive situation know that empowering ourselves also means protecting ourselves. But if the situation is harmless and our safety is assured, a fearless smile and an unguarded attitude makes the world a better place.

That man and I parted ways, smiling fearlessly and laughing joyfully. We’d reached the top together.

Inspiring Message of the Day: I will open my heart and embrace my fellow human. I will smile fearlessly and welcome the harmless stranger. I will hold my Power while performing these actions knowing that no one can take It from me unless I give it away.