Dearest Readers,

This fall I will be leading a workshop at the Creativity Coaching Association‘s 2nd International Creativity Conference in Lake George, NY. I just got off the phone with Beverly Down, the President and CEO, and she said something really inspiring that I’d like to share with you.

We were talking about marketing tools for business and she was explaining to me how she makes things happen in her professional life. I’m going to paraphrase and break it down to my own understanding but here is the upshot:

1. Intention: To begin, I need to have a vision or a goal.

2. Clarity: What exactly is my vision? What is the goal I’m trying to achieve? It cannot be vague.

3. Action: There’s no magic. I have to do the footwork.

I really like this breakdown. It’s simple and simplicity gives rise to effectiveness.

Inspiring Message of the Day: Today I will apply this simple formula to a personal vision or goal. I will do so in order to expand my horizons, build my practice, follow my dreams.