Dearest Readers,

According to Wikipedia the author of the notable quote, “Go big or go home,” is unknown. Too bad. I could give him/her a shout-out today because I just appropriated the saying for my own usage.

Today in the grocery store, among the lettuce heads and fennel bulbs, a friend called X and I got to talking about one of my favourite subjects: the Healing Path. We hadn’t seen each other for a while so we got caught up on our lives in general and then before we knew it we were getting Real.

X shared with me a recent decision he’d made to take some time off to focus on his personal growth.”I’m taking care of myself,” he said. “I’m getting down to the core.”

“Good for you,” I said, “We gotta go deep or go home.”

X’s response was to laugh but in a genuinely frustrated way.”Why?” he protested. “Why do we have to go deep? No one else is doing it! Look around! People are just doing whatever and they’re fine with it!”

“Are they?” I asked. “We don’t know that. People may look fine but we don’t really know for certain. We can’t compare other people’s outsides with our insides.”

“Ignorance is bliss,” said X.

I agree. The problem only occurs when the bliss stops. We get sick or we have an accident. Or a Still, Small Voice gnaws at us quietly, bugging us to make a change. Some people can ignore these Signs. Some people can’t. I am one of the ones who can’t.

Oh, I tried. Believe me I did. I tried for years to ignore the Deeper Call. Didn’t work. No more can do. I raised the white flag. Surrender to win.

That’s the good news. We really do win when we decide to heed to Higher Guidance.┬áThere is pain, yes. We will have to grieve. Uh-huh. But underneath the pain is a very, very “deep” wellspring of Love.

So it’s GDGH all the way for me, my friends. TG.

Inspiring Message of the Day: Despite the fear of pain I will answer the Deeper Call. I will trust that by going to the core of my issues I will eventually uncover my Highest Good.

Grace Full

Dearest Readers,

These posts of late have been short and (hopefully) sweet because I’m writing them on an iPhone and because my days here on the ashram, though relaxed, are quite full. But if I had a little more time I could tell you some pretty amazing stories.

They’ll have to wait.

For now, I’ll share with you my thoughts on the topic of Grace, which was the subject of last night’s study discussion.

We were told that Grace is an unmerited gift. One does not have to do anything to receive Grace. Grace is everywhere. Grace is always present. Grace is all there is. Grace is, in fact, the true definition of God. So Grace simply Is.

Though we can better receive Grace by becoming fit vessels (through prayer, meditation, right eating, right living etc.) the Nature of Grace is such that one does not have to be a fit vessel to receive It. Grace does not discriminate.

Because Grace is all there is, the unfit vessel is always receiving Grace just as the fit vessel is also. However, in order to better experience Grace, one must become open and willing.

With these qualities the individual will come to know Grace intimately and the Gift will have true meaning.

If I had a million years I couldn’t tell you of the Grace I am now experiencing. Well, maybe I could. With a laptop.

Inspiring Message of the Day: My desire is to know Grace. Because this Gift is mine by birthright I will accept its offer by being open and willing to receive it.