Dearest Readers,

Today I am going on poustinia. I have friends with an empty cabin on a lake and they’ve given me the key. I’m only going for 24 hours but 24 hours in the desert can be quite a stretch.

What I’ve discovered since the laptop got fried is how addicted I am to the distraction it provided me. This iPhone on which I now write has the same (false) power. The loss of the computer is not so deeply felt because I can use this hand-held device instead. The temptation to always be online or plugged in is very great.

I’m not bringing the iPhone with me to the cabin. That would defeat the whole purpose. But I’ve thought about it more than a few times. Come on, just to watch a movie?

It’s shocking to discover the depth at which I have come to depend on these machines. They provide a great feeling of escape (most of the time). Poustinia is just the opposite. There is no escaping. I have to face my Self with no distraction.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

Inspiring Message of the Day:
What would happen if I turned off all the noise in my life? The radio, the TV, the phones, the computer, everything I use as a distraction? I would be left with Great Silence. Despite my fear I am willing to dive in with both feet!