Dearest Readers,

Those of you who have had children or who have spent time with new parents would know this already but the thrill of holding a brand new baby is pretty much second to none. The birth of my eldest sister’s first child has recently given me this marvelous opportunity.

Yesterday I sat with baby nephew resting on my lap for almost an hour, staring at his sleeping face, playing with his tiny toes, admiring his little wee self. It was better than TV, better than a movie, a book, Facebook, and all of the above combined.

No doubt about it, newborns are mesmerizing. They hold the key to something. What is it? Our vulnerability? Our strength? FromĀ  their soft and tender selves comes the essence, the very Power of Life. In them we see it All.

We say, “It’s a miracle.” And then the baby grows up and becomes a person and we no longer see the miracle. We see the mess. But every single grown-up was a newborn once. And that Power is still there.

Inspiring Message of the Day: Am I able to see the newborn child in the grown-up? What if I could? What if I could take the time to see that Miracle in every single person I meet? Today I will do my best to remember this and put it into practice.