Dearest Readers,

This month I am working on GITA and it’s proving to be a difficult challenge. Writing a play is never easy but I’ve had pretty good luck with the process in the past. Most (but not all) of the first drafts I’ve written have poured out of me without too much resistance. This one, however, is not so fluid.

As I described my writing activities to a friend last night I found myself back in that old familiar territory of “I’m not enough.” Here is a summary of our exchange:

Friend: So what are you up to for the rest of the summer?

Me: I’m supposed to be writing a play. But it’s not really happening. I’m not giving it a lot of time or focus. I’m managing between 10 minutes and 30 minutes a day but it’s not really enough.

Friend: That’s not bad. It’s better than nothing.

Me: That’s true. It is.

Friend: Starting something new isn’t easy.

Me: That’s true, too.

Ah! Don’t you love it when friends say the things to you that you would say to them? For some nutty reason we just can’t say these things to ourselves.

Starting a new project is not easy. Doing a little bit each day is progress, however slow. It is the action that counts. The effort, not the result.

So I better get off this post and make a little bit more effort!

Inspiring Message of the Day: Do I have a project that I would like to begin? What if I started with ten minutes a day? What if this could be enough? I will pick a project, do a little bit and accept progress rather than perfection as my success.