Dearest Readers,

From this seat in the departure lounge of Gate A6 at LaGuardia airport I can see a strip of cloudy blue sky out the small, high windows and not much else. This section of LGA doesn’t get a lot of points for interior design but I’m not complaining. I’m just glad I made it this far.

After a full month, the road-trip portion of my travels comes to an end with this afternoon’s flight. I have gathered enough stories for a hundred campfires. I have experienced humanity in all its suffering and all its glory. I have walked a little piece of the Earth with Courage and Love as my steadfast guides. What an incredible trip.

Though I am not heading home to the Yukon today I am heading “home” to Montreal to stay with my sister until she delivers her baby. Apart from a year in Ireland in ’95 I spent a whole decade living in Montreal between 1990 and  2001. Each time I return to MTL she welcomes me back with open arms. Elle dit, “Bienvenue, ma chére.”

What I have learned in this last month is a lot. Each day something new, each moment an opportunity to return to Be-ing. This is why I love to travel! Traveling opens the mind and heightens Awareness. The challenges arising from the travel experience force me to focus, BOOM, into the Now. Always. Right. Now.

Admittedly, I do not do this perfectly. But as I always say, mindfulness is a practice. It’s not a goal we achieve and then we’re done. We do our best and our best is good enough.

But hey, there’s nothing like a 32-day road-trip to make our best even better.

Inspiring Message of the Day: What if I brought the Focus and Faith I rely on when I travel into my daily living experience? Today I will BOOM bring myself back into Be-ing as though I were in unfamiliar surroundings and had to do so for survival.