Dearest Readers,

Sitting here in an air-conditioned coffee shop staring out at the corner of 7th Ave. and West 39th St. in New York City has me reflecting on the incredible adventure I’ve been on for the last four weeks.

The Big Apple is the last leg of the “road trip” portion of my time away from home and I’m only here for a few days before I head to Montreal for the birth of my eldest sister’s first child. Coming to NYC seemed like a fitting way to transition from one to the other.

How I love New York. The buzz of this city is unlike anything else in the world. It’s intense and it can be exhausting, especially in 38C temperatures, but I’m a show biz junkie and this city fills the cups of my dreams.

As a kid, I used to fantasize about living here and being a dancer. When I come here now that wide-eyed, big-dreaming little girl is in heaven.

I have had a couple of plays produced in New York by Looking Glass Theatre and despite the fact that it’s an off-off-off-off-off (keep going…) -Broadway company it was a thrill nonetheless. I’m here to have fun but that won’t stop me from looking for ways to create business opportunities at the same time.

Already I’ve been guided to a potential future opportunity and it happened ¬†totally by “accident”. I was wandering the streets this morning looking for an Internet cafe, turning corners at random and following intuitive leads. I found myself on a quiet street with red-brick buildings and large trees providing glorious shade. I suddenly felt very peaceful.

Up ahead I saw a sign. “No way,” I said out loud. It was a sign for the Sivananda Yoga Center, New York chapter.

In case you haven’t been reading these posts, I just finished leading a course at the Sivananda Yoga Retreat on Paradise Island not two weeks ago!

Not only that, I found a little plastic card with Ganesha’s image on it at the place where I’m staying. When I turned it over to read the back it said, “Sivananda Yoga Retreat, Paradise Island.” What are the chances?

Apparently, they’re pretty good.

I’m taking these signs as Higher Guidance. Why not pitch Cultivate Your Courage to the New York Center? ¬†After all, if I can make it here I’ll make it anywhere.

Inspiring Message of the Day: When you devote your life to serving your Gurus they will serve you right back.