Dearest Readers,

Physical exercise remains one of the greatest of all ways to move one’s energy from the low to the Flow. Yesterday, saddled with the heaviness of re-entry, I knew that I needed to tip the balance over to the activity side of things. So, after a great deal of resistance, I forced myself to go outside and get on my bike.

My plan was to ride to the Black St. stairs (a loooooong staircase that climbs from street level to the top of the cliffs that line the west side of this fair city), lock up my bike, run up the stairs and down again, and then head back home. Get it over with quick.

Once on my bike, however, I felt instantly energized. I decided to take advantage of the bike ramp on the stairs and push my bike to the top. From there I raced along the Alaska Highway, my muscles responding to the work with joy. I could feel the lethargy leaving my body with every pump of my legs.

As I sped down the long and winding road named for Robert Service and rode the rest of the way home along our lovely Millenium Trail I felt incredible gratitude for remembering that when I’m not feeling great, moving my body in some way will restore me to wellness.

Re-enter that.

Inspiring Message of the Day: When my energy is low I will move. It may be the last thing I feel like doing, it may even feel impossible. But if I do it my energy will shift and I will be returned to Maximum Wellness.