Dearest Readers,

Self-acceptance. I always forget this part. I strive to be better. I try harder. I do more. I grow. I heal. I recover. I practice. I’m all about self-improvement. But self-acceptance? I forget I need to do this, too!

All of the above work has all been monumentally positive. But what I forget to do in all my striving is to accept where I am. I get so caught up in the desire to heal that I often neglect the healing that is taking place now.

This observation was made last night by a friend of mine with whom I was having a phone conversation. I was sharing a recent experience with her and she said, “We think it’s about self-improvement but it’s really about self-acceptance.”

Boy, did I need to hear this. I need to hear it over and over again. I really do forget! It’s like I have a mental block around this little piece of information and it’s so vital, so important, and when I hear it I think, “How can I have forgotten this again?”

This is the process. Remember, integrate, forget, be reminded. Rinse and repeat.

What I am thankful for is that I have people to remind me. Left to my own devices I would charge ahead without taking the time to say, “This is where you’re at. This is what’s happening. Acceptance is Presence. Stay here.”

It’s good to be reminded.

Inspiring Message of the Day: I will take the time to practice self-acceptance today. There is nothing to improve, nothing more to strive for, nothing to learn. I’m at where I’m at and that is that.