Dearest Readers,

This morning I opened a message from the Sivananda Yoga Retreat and contained within was a quote from Swami Sivananda.

Here it is:

“Though surrounded by pleasurable or painful objects to disturb your equilibrium of mind, remain immovable as a rock, receiving all things with equanimity. Be always cheerful. Laugh and smile. How can a mind that is gloomy and dull think of God? Try to be happy always. Happiness is your very nature. This is termed cheerfulness. This spirit of cheerfulness must be cultivated by all aspirants.”

Exactly what I need to hear. So challenging to do!

My surroundings are currently jammers with pleasurable and painful objects, my equilibrium of mind most definitely disturbed.  I am doing my utmost to remain immovable as a rock and practicing diligently the art of receiving all things with equanimity. Some moments are better than others.

Happiness may be my very nature but self-centeredness is my default operating system. It’s all about me all the time and when things don’t go my way or when I’m trying to make things go my way I have completely forgotten about cultivating cheerfulness and the trusting the Higher Path. Gloomy and dull, indeed.

What if it really were that simple? “Be always cheerful. Laugh and smile.” I actually think it is. I make it complicated. But this and but that. I like my misery thank you very much. Perpetuate the suffering. Prolong the winter of discontent. Reject glorious summer.

Old BS (belief systems).

Am I willing to let go of them? Am I willing to allow new ways of thinking to come in and take hold? Am I willing to surrender my old ideas? Yes, yes and yes.

Back at home I have a photograph of Swami Sivananda in the meditation room. He is smiling serenely with the look of pure love on his face. The embodiment of cheerfulness. The True Nature of Happiness. I’m practicing it right now, Swami S. See me?

Inspiring Message of the Day: I am willing to practice cheerfulness despite my disturbed mind. I will remember the Great Teachers who have come before me to show me that my True Nature is Bliss Divine.